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The Spedo Potato Digger is a one or two row 3 point hitch mounted digger for tractors that straddle one row centered or two rows of hilled potatoes or other root crops. It will dig 12'' deep on level soil. The front digging blade has oscillating bars above it to break up clods and keep soil moving to the sifting chain. They are removable if the back and forth action is not desired. The side colters cut vines and keep all of the soil moving onto the sifting chain that has a 1'' gap between the sifting chain links. It is also available in an economical one row shaker digger for small tractors that uses vibrating sifting bars with a 1 1/8'' gap instead of a sifting chain, but does not include colters. It does not go very deep in level soil so the potatoes must be in a hill at harvest.

The economical one row shaker digger with 18" cut is $2,400.00
The one row chain digger with 23" cut is $7,565.00
The two row chain digger with 50" cut for 30'' rows is $8,450.00
The two row chain digger with 59" cut for 36'' rows is $8,950.00