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Plastic Mulch Layers are used to lay plastic mulch on the bed and secure it with soil.  There are three types of mulch layers available, Pan Type, Frame Type, and Raised Bed Type.    Pan Type mulch layers have a press pan for smoothing out and leveling the soil.  They are designed to lay plastic flat on the ground only.  Frame type mulch layers can lay the mulch flat on the ground and lay plastic on raised beds or over wire hoops for tunnel laying.  Raised Bed mulch layers shape a raised bed and cover it with plastic all in one pass.

Model 80 Model 90
Holland Transplanters Model 1275 Mechanical Hoop/Tunnel Layer
Rain-Flo Raised Bed Mulch Layers
Mechanical Model 94
Rain-Flo Model 345 Early Corn Layer
Holland Model 1245