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The Chisel Plow is a very economical way to get your deep tillage done quickly.  It has a relatively low initial cost as compared to other tools. It has the ability to till one bed at a time.  It can be adjusted to till deep or shallow and it does not invert the soil profile. The Chisel Plow performs the initial loosening of the soil while leaving the trash on top.  It is usually set at 8" to 12" deep.  The maximum depth is 18". It is normally pulled at 4 mph and requires 10 hp per shank and good tire traction to operate it. Shanks are spaced 12" apart. For these reasons, the Chisel Plow is our first choice for primary deep tillage.  In Stock -  On VHS Video!

3 Shank


4 Shank


5 Shank


7 Shank